Discover the delicious difference

Hydro Urban farm makes in producing the freshest, pesticide-free veggies!


Indoor Farm

Hydro Urban Puts a lot of focus on safety, and we work very hard to ensure that you always receive the best results on the market.

Quality Vegetables

If you want quality leafy vegetables without pesticides, you may want to give our hydroponic farm a shot.

Indoor Vertically Farmed

Nutritious & Packed With Vitamins

Our greens are delivered to you just hours after harvest meaning you get the most nutritious, tastiest product possible. Our mission is to deliver healthy, safe food to Singaporean families year-round. Our products are rich in Vitamin A, C and K.

Super Fresh – Super Safe

Everyone of our veggies is grown with care inside a controlled environment within our vertical farm. We believe in providing a product that is fresh, clean and nutritious.

Farm to Dish

Hydro Urban Farm is located in Singapore, eliminating the need for Long, environmentally damaging transportation. Grown local, delivered local.

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