About Us

About Us

Welcome to Hydro Urban, a company that offers you some of the highest quality no pesticides vegetables. We are a Singapore indoor farm that delivers some of the best and highest quality vegetables on the market. It’s very important to consume veggies nowadays if you want to stay in shape, but the reality is that most veggies are grown using pesticides. All you have to do is to identify how many vegetables you need and when you need them.

Our sales team is ready to help you right away. We are specialized exclusively in vegetable farming. We know all the potential risks and challenges that come from growing vegetables outside of any property. Thanks to Hydro Urban you can easily get some amazing results and benefits, with results being incredible in this perspective.

We use only energy and water as well as natural nutrition compounds to ensure that all vegetables grow properly. We don’t use pesticides, as this helps retain the quality and value of each vegetable we deliver. Although vegetables are considered to be perishable, we make sure that every product that gets out of our property is fresh and ready for consumption. Nothing is more important than focusing on health benefits and value, which is exactly what Hydro Urban can offer to you. We understand the potential challenges that come from using Hydro Urban products, and we are more than happy to help you with that.


All nutrients are very well preserved, and we make sure that you will be more than happy with the results we can offer every time. It’s crucial to focus on health and value, which is exactly what you need if you work closely with us. There’s a lot of attention to detail put in all products, we know that, and we will offer you astonishing benefits in the long term. Thanks to us, you will have no problem enjoying high standard, quality vegetables that bring freshness, flavors, and nutrients exactly the way you would expect.

We put our entire livelihood on the line to create our Singapore Indoor Farm, and we always make sure that the standards are high. This helps you ensure that you always have the best results on the market, and the outcome will indeed be one of the best every time

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